A Perfect Complexion

There are few people who can boast a clear complexion all year long, and few of them would feel comfortable facing a social situation without creating the perfect look. A foundation will cover almost any modern skin defects, and this is where many women begin their preparations. Putting on a base of foundation, they then build upon it to create a perfect complexion that will make them stand out in any crowd.

Matching their natural skin tone is the way many choose their foundation color, and they might want to lighten or darken it a shade or two if they are unhappy with what nature has given them. Once the base is applied, it is time to create texture. Highlighting the cheek bones has long been an important step in becoming beautiful, and many women have found they can use different colors for a better look. Those who are not blessed with high cheek bones can give their face the appearance by using two shades of blush.

The overall shape of a face can be changed by using a darker color to represent the hollows of their cheeks, and a light color to simulate the upper side of the bone will make them appear to have the ideal facial bones for beauty. It might seem a simple trick, but it is one that has confounded women throughout the ages. They will need to use just the right colors to ensure their features look as symmetrical as possible.

Many modern women have fallen into the habit of using glitter to enhance their overall look, and they can now do it easily with many cosmetic products. As they move their heads in almost any light, the sparkle of their overall perfect complexion will dazzle the eyes of their beholders for an enchanted social event.