Enhancing the Eyes

It might seem, to hear many women talk, that men barely notice their eyes, yet it is one the places they spend the most time enhancing. Beginning with the edges of their eyes, they often apply liner to make them stand out. Black liner is the standard, but many females have begun to branch out into the color choices now available. They can choose to match the basic color of their eyes, or they can complement the eye shadow they will be using next.

Eye shadow has long been in use, and there are now seasonal colors for every part of the year. Spring generally features pastels, and summer is a time for bolder colors. Autumn heralds a choice of earthy tones for those who recognize the colorful pageant of nature before the cold descends across their world, and icy shades are popular during winter. There are many variations in these basic shades, and each woman will be able to assemble a collection that will match her favorite colors in each season.

Long lashes that appear thick and healthy are one of the best ways to show off beautiful eyes, but few women possess them naturally. Mascara is easy to apply with a little practice, but many women today prefer to enhance their look with fake lashes. These press on, mix with the person’s own lashes, and they come off at the end of the day. The appearance of thick lashes is a signal of beauty that women have longed for year after year, and companies have made them affordable for modern women.

The eyebrows are the last part of the eye area that could possibly need enhancement, and there are several different approaches to making them look fantastic. Some women pluck away the hairs they do not want, but others have chosen to use electrolysis. Penciling in their eyebrows has been a favorite practice, but many modern women have opted to reclaim their daily time by having a tattoo artist permanently enhance their eyes with a tattoo that will not need daily care.