Shaping Facial Hair

The length of eyelashes has often been a measure of beauty in both men and women, and even the shape of the eyebrows has been touted at times as an indicator of it. While not all beauty is dependent upon facial hair in a particular spot, it can contribute or detract from a pleasing look. Men tend to have more areas where they can grow facial hair than women, so beards and moustaches can also be considered as a part of what makes a person look beautiful to others.

Moustaches have going through many periods where they have been quite popular, and most male teenagers often take a stab at growing one. They see this facial hair as a way to exhibit their young adulthood, but a scraggly collection of hairs can take away from the overall effect they want to achieve. It can take until they are in the middle of their next decade before a good moustache grows in, but many of them have found it enhances their appearance.

Beards are another manly attribute favoured by many, and they can create a better look for many men. A strong jaw line has long been seen as what makes a male look powerful, so those born without one might find covering up that area with hair can improve their appearance. While there are those who have a difficult time growing a beard at first, a few tries over the years might find them sporting one that is full and looks great when kept neatly trimmed.

Males and females alike have eyebrows, and it can make or break their appearance. Some people have robust brows that are bushy, and they can combine across the forehead to form one long line of hair. This is not considered good in most societies, and trimming or plucking the brows is often done. Some people prefer a solution that works longer, and they use wax to remove the hair, but it can be painful.