Adding Lovely Lips

Many potential dates notice a woman’s smile, so it is no wonder women tend to spend quite a bit of time choosing their lip colours. Old-fashioned ideals used to be nothing more than lipstick spread evenly across the mouth, but modern women go a few steps further. They begin by outlining their lips to make them the shape they want, and then they choose their lip colour. Some have a naturally pleasing shape, but others will have to add enough to fill in the spaces between the edges of their lips and the lines they have created.

It would seem to many that simply outlining the lips with colour and filling them in would be enough, but modern women are often concerned they will not look good enough with just those two steps. Lip gloss has become an important final step for many women. They want to ensure the work they have done is noticed, so they add gloss to complete their art. For those who believe they have naturally beautiful lips without the need for enhancement, lip gloss alone can be used.